Costa Rica Dental Tourism: Save Money on Your New Smile

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Costa Rica Dental Tourism: Save Money on Your New Smile

Maintaining proper dental care ensures more than just a flashy white smile. Good oral hygiene and regular dental visits have been proven to reduce your risk of cavities, as well as associated chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

However, undergoing dental care in the United States is typically very costly, especially if cosmetic or extensive reconstructive work is desired or needed.

At the end of 2012, approximately 40 percent of the U.S. population did not have any dental benefits, according to data published by the National Association of Dental Plans.

For this reason, many individuals are seeking dental services outside their national borders. Commonly referred to as medical or dental travel and tourism, dental work in Costa Rica is offered at a fraction of the average price in the U.S. and the quality typically exceeds care received in North America.

Specifically, Costa Rica dental tourism has experienced a substantial growth in recent years, primarily due to rising healthcare costs in the U.S. and poor or inadequate dental insurance coverage.

Most patients find Costa Rican dentistry to be of a higher standard than what they experience with their local providers back home.

In fact, the World Health Organization ranked Costa Rica one of the top health care systems in Latin America and actually one spot higher than the United States, when they last analyzed the world's healthcare systems several years ago.

To the pleasant surprise and comfort of international patients, dentists in Costa Rica spend more time carefully explaining procedures and patiently answering all questions to ensure you are comfortable and at ease prior to starting your given procedure(s).

Further adding to its attractiveness as a dental destination, Costa Rica is in close proximity to the U.S. and Canada, which makes traveling to receive care easy and hassle-free.

Most major U.S. cities offer daily flights to Costa Rica and just a passport is needed for U.S. and Canadian citizens as well as several other nationalities.

After a fairly short airplane ride, you can be experiencing world class dental care while also enjoying the beautiful landscape, tropical beaches, and lush rainforests Costa Rica is famous for.

Many patients wisely choose to use their extensive dental savings to enjoy a vacation in Costa Rica before, during or after they undergo their dental treatment.

If you do venture away from home for high quality dental care, you'll also be glad to know that Costa Rica dental procedures, materials and equipment are essentially the same as those utilized in leading clinics in the U.S. and Canada.

A surprising little know fact is that many U.S. dental clinics outsource dental work to Costa Rica because of its high quality and low cost. You may have already experienced care here but unfortunately paid much more for it by staying home.

Dental procedures in Costa Rica include numerous general and cosmetic dentistry services, such as teeth whitening, composite fillings, veneers, crowns, bridgework, oral surgery, dentures, and tooth contouring and reshaping.

Receiving dental implants in Costa Rica has become extremely popular and is available for fully or partially edentulous patients.

Many patients also undergo full mouth restorations for less than half of the price of average U.S. rates.

Additionally, you will discover Costa Rica dental tourism is not only popular due to the low cost of quality treatment, but also due to the quality and experience of its staff and facilities.

Most Costa Rica dental clinics that cater to international patients have dentists and staff that speak fluent English, ensuring proper communication between you and your provider.

Costa Rica boasts cosmetic dentists, orthodontists, and other certified dental specialists who have extensive training and experience in the industry and continue to travel worldwide to ensure they remain leaders in quality dental care.

Don't be left out like many individuals who must pay out of pocket for dental procedures that are typically high in price. Unfortunately, many Americans are failing to get the help they need to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

This often results in related health problems, lower self-esteem and a lesser quality of life.

Undergoing dental work in Costa Rica is an excellent option if you are in need of high-quality, safe and affordable dental services in a friendly, beautiful and comfortable country.

For more information about Costa Rica dentists and dental procedures, or to receive a free consultation, contact us today.