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Our mission at Costa Rican Dental Solutions is to continue to provide patients safe and first class dentistry, so it’s in our best interest for you to be completely happy with the outcome of your treatment. Before you even board a plane, a thorough consultation and treatment plan directly between you and your Costa Rican dentist will address any considerations related to your specific treatment as well as to advise you on outcomes you should expect.

An understandable concern for many patients deciding to travel for medical or dental care is the fear of complications during or after treatment in a foreign country. “What if something goes wrong?”  This is a very good question and you should have a basic idea of the process that exists in Costa Rica or any other dental travel destination you’re considering in case of rare unfortunate circumstances. Choosing a reputable company like Costa Rican Dental Solutions rather than handling everything on your own is a wise choice in reducing the risk of potential complications. We have taken considerable time and expense to minimize the risk of complications through our intensive evaluation of dentists and clinics.  We have the ability to quickly respond to all patient and dentist needs because we ‘re based in Costa Rica.   Furthermore, we have a relationship with the College of Dental Surgeons of Costa Rica should any issues arise between patient and dentist.

We understand patients are typically thousands of miles from home, so returning to Costa Rica to address an issue isn’t as easy as going to your neighborhood dentist. However, just as complications can occur in North America, the same is true for dentistry in Costa Rica or anywhere else in the world.  Many factors including patient aftercare, oral hygiene and individual immune response all could potentially lead to complications in rare cases.  Our dentists do not have elevated rates of complication in comparison to U.S. dentists. 

In the slim chance you experience any problems, Costa Rican dentists are eager to resolve any issues promptly and almost always free of charge, except in rare cases where patients took undeniable steps resulting in their complication.   This of course may mean very little if you’ve already returned home before realizing there was an issue.  In these rare circumstances, the patient has the option to return to Costa Rica and have the problem resolved usually free of charge (excluding travel costs) or have the problem addressed at home by their local dentist.  Fixes are usually minor treatment adjustments and nothing requiring the main procedure to be repeated.  Examples might include bite adjustment after healing, fixing a crown that may have come loose based on excessive teeth grinding etc.  Sensitivity and minor infection are other examples that patients may experience here as well as in North America after treatment.  If they must visit their local dentist to resolve a minor issue, patients rarely complain due to cost savings and their understanding that complications, although rare, can happen at home or in another country. 

Remember, we are based in Costa Rica and continually check in with you and the dentist regarding your treatment and care.