B. Lynn Adelson, R. Bradley

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We arrived at the very nice offices and were greeted by a lovely and very friendly staff, all speaking English, and happy to see us!

We felt that we were in good hands, as we were immediately introduced to the dentist who took
 photographs himself of our teeth, and listened intently to everything we had to say about our dental problems and inquiries. He told us that he would study our
x-rays, and make his expert opinion as to what should be done. As promised, the next day we each had time with the doctor as he showed us our X-rays, while explaining the options and procedures needed to be done.  
Always a pleasure to arrive at the dentist office, where everyone is so very nice and friendly. Our dental work began with the dentists and his amazing young and
talented Staff! We were treated by the best and most modern dental care ever! I have been bragging to everyone I meet now about our GREAT DENTIST in Costa Rica!