B. Lites Boulder, CO

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Schedule changes prevented a bone graft (”sinus lift”) and dental implant by my dental surgeon in the USA. Because I was going to Costa Rica anyway, I looked for someone to perform the procedure there.

My Costa Rican dentist accommodated my schedule on fairly short notice, and performed these procedures at half the cost of the procedure in the USA. The savings paid for the trip to this beautiful country — our future retirement location. The surgery was done efficiently and was relatively painless. Three days after the surgery I enjoyed a hike to the top of a 10,000 ft volcano! I have experienced no complications or further problems with the implant or sinus lift in the intervening 9 months. His post-operative care and instructions were very clear and helpful. After 6 months, I was again in Costa Rica and the  dentist checked the implant. He indicated that all is well with the implant and the sinus lift. I now plan to go back to have the crown fitted on my next visit to Costa Rica. The Dr. and his staff have been pleasant and very helpful at all stages of this process. I recommend him to anyone considering implant surgery in Costa Rica.