Who we are

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With independently verified, certified and high quality dentists in Costa Rica, combined with internationally accredited clinics, patients rely on our comprehensive services to experience dental care that exceeds care in North America at 50% - 70% savings. 

Costa Rican Dental Solutions is owned by CR Dental Solutions LLC, an American owned company with operations in both the U.S. and Costa Rica .  Our mission is to educate and guide patients to superior, verified, safe and quality dental care that meets and exceeds dentistry in North America, while providing significant financial savings. We are committed to the highest standards of integrity, ethics and transparency.

Through extensive research, rigorous evaluations, in person prescreening and feedback from thousands of patients, we assist individuals considering traveling for dental care in Costa Rica. 

We are a full service provider including transportation and accommodations ans we also work with only licensed, proven travel and tour operators to assist you with any sightseeing plans, should you wish to further enjoy Costa Rica during your stay.  We pride ourselves in meeting the specific needs of all our clients who wish to use our services. Furthermore, we wish to empower individuals and companies through honest, educational information regarding receiving dental care abroad. 

Safe, quality affordable dental care and personalized service are our priorities and represent the foundation of our service to you.