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Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth.  There are two main types, partial and full. Full dentures (plates) are commonly used for artificially restoring all the teeth.  Partial dentures are a restorative option when there are still some remaining natural teeth. They are similar to bridges and can be anchored to teeth and crowns on either side of the space but are removable, unlike bridges.  The plates used for full dentures are typically constructed of synthetic plastic resins.  The teeth attached to the dentures can be made of plastic resins or porcelain.  The framework for conventional partial dentures is made of lightweight metal alloys covered in part by gum-colored acrylic for aesthetic reasons. Partial dentures can also be made with other materials such as non-metal acrylic or non-metal flexite.  The teeth are still usually made of plastic resins or porcelain in these cases.

For full dentures, it is common for some remaining teeth to be extracted.  A wax bite impression will be made that will give the dentist exact measurements.  Measurements for complete dentures are made when gums have been restored to a healthy condition and sufficient time has passed for healing.  Temporary dentures will be used while permanent dentures are fabricated.  Basically the same procedure is followed for partial dentures but most likely in less time if gums are in healthy condition without necessary extraction healing time.