How can prices be so much lower? For some, there may be a catch.

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Differences in economies, lower labor and overhead costs as well as our established relationships with the most qualified and proven dentists, translate to excellent care that meets and exceeds the U.S., at savings of 50%-70%.

For prospective dental tourists, it can seem impossible to receive care at 50%-70% cheaper than in North America without there being a scam or some kind of catch.  Are cheaper materials being used or overall quality compromised in order to provide lower prices?  The answer is a resounding NO to both concerns when using a reputable service like Costa Rican Dental Solutions.  About the only downside for some, is the travel involved in order to receive treatment in Costa Rica. As you can imagine, this is not a catch for most.  It is one of many attractive reasons for hopping on a plane and taking advantage of quality care while using the savings to potentially enjoy sightseeing or a vacation.   Even after adding travel costs, patients usually return home with extra money in their pocket.

So how can prices be so low?  There are several reasons.  Costa Rica has approximately 1/3 the cost of living than the U.S. and lower labor and overhead costs.  Fees charged by dental labs that create crowns, veneers etc. are also less in comparison.  Regarding materials, our dentists use the same top brands the best dental clinics utilize in the U.S.  However, the multinational corporations that supply those brands utilize variable pricing when distributing to different global markets in order to be competitive in diverse economies.  Also, it should be noted that many major dental labs in the United States outsource lab work to Costa Rica resulting in patients paying more for the same material they could receive in Costa Rica for a lot less.  All of these factors, not to mention our established relationships with the finest dental professionals in the country are reflected in lower final costs for dental treatments

No sacrificing quality.  Our dentists use the same top brand dental materials utilized by the best dental clinics in the U.S.