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Before seeking dental implants in Costa Rica, you should first understand what they are and how they are used.



Dental implants act as an artificial replacement to your tooth root. They basically look like screws and are usually made of titanium or other materials that are well accepted by the human body. They are used to replace missing, diseased or injured teeth and represent a restoration that is closest to a natural tooth.

Many patients are anxious or fearful of receiving implants and believe the process is more complex and painful than actually is true.  Implants typically have a 94% - 96% success rate and have a long history of success.  Teeth supported by implants look, act and feel like natural teeth and also aid in preserving bone when compared to other teeth replacement option like dentures and bridges.

Under only local anesthesia, the implant is surgically applied directly into the jawbone in the area needed.  Over a period of months, the implant will fuse to the bone in your jaw in a process known as osseointegration. After the bone has grown around the implant, the implant will acts as a stable base for one or more artificial teeth (dental crowns) that will attach to the implant providing a natural appearance of a tooth. Dental implants have been utilized for several decades to replace a single tooth or several teeth as well as to support bridges or dentures. 

Dental implants are a desirable option when compared to standard bridges which typically require negatively affecting healthy teeth surrounding the missing tooth in order to support the bridge.  Implants are also preferable to conventional dentures, which most dental patients find uncomfortable as well as tiresome or embarrassing due to daily removal and soaking/cleaning.  Implants and other implant supported options avoid these situations.

Dental implants in Costa Rica can be completed in either a two stage or one stage “immediate load” procedure. 

In the two stage, the dentist will surgically place the implant(s) into the jaw during the first visit and the patient will need to return several months (typically 3-6) after the bone and implant have fused together in order to complete the procedure and have a dental crown, or depending on your specific condition, other prosthetic device (bridge, overdenture) attached to the implant(s) to provide you a beautiful, natural smile.  Temporary teeth (removable) can be provided for use between the first and second stage of treatment.

With "immediate loading", fixed temproary crowns or other device(s) chosen for your specific restoration can be placed during the same visit the implant was surgically placed.  Patients will still need to return several months later for their final teeth or restoration, but this method provides patients a more fixed solution while waiting for the implants to integrate.

Many dentists are divided regarding the immediate loading procedure as it is imperative that implants do not move at all during the integration process.  Doing so can potentially jeopardize the implant.  Almost all agree immediate loading should only be utilized for specific types of trreatment and only for patients that are good candidates (good bone condition, overall health etc.)  In these cases, studies are showing fairly equal success.  However, the two-stage process has more long term studies and history of success.

Receiving dental implants in Costa Rica through our services provides you with a high quality solution at 50% - 70% of the same treatment in North American.  We only utilize licensed and certified dentists that are also dental board certified specialists in placing implants.  Our dentists only use worldwide recognized superior brands that are the same used in the finiest dental clinics in North America.