International Accreditation: How Important is it?

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There are three main international accrediting bodies among others you should be aware of when considering medical or dental care outside your country.  JCI (Joint Commission International), AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities) and AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care) These are three of the most recognized organizations which evaluate and accredit U.S. hospitals and dental and medical clinics worldwide to ensure certain standards regarding patient care and safety are met.  They are excellent organizations and participating hospitals and clinics have taken considerable time and expense to comply with all the requirements for accreditation.  Costa Rican Dental Solutions encourages all dental professionals and clinics to apply for accreditation in these organizations.  

However, in our process of identifying top dental care specialists as well as our mission of providing patients the most honest and accurate view of dental care in Costa Rica, we have found that international accreditation does not necessarily guarantee the best dentists or dental procedure outcomes. We have actually declined to represent certain internationally accredited dental clinics because the dentist or clinic did not meet our high standards, which not only include patient care and safety, but high patient satisfaction.  International accreditation does provide a common standard to rely on between so many countries providing varying levels of care but it does not necessarily guarantee you the best dentists and dental outcomes.  

Furthermore, dental clinics lacking international accreditation doesn't  necessarily indicate lower standards, quality or poor health and safety standards. Our staff have routinely experienced dental procedures done with excellent results through non-internationally accredited dentists. In our pursuit of the best dental providers in Costa Rica, Costa Rican Dental Solutions only represents nationally certified dentists including those that are both accredited and unaccredited by international organizations.  All of our dentists have proven to be the best in their field based not only on quality standards but patient satisfaction as well. Furthermore, usually 60% - 85% of the clientele of our dentists are from North America. The choice is always yours and we‘re here to answer any questions regarding receiving the best possible dental outcomes.  We’re confident in all of our dental providers and trust our own care to these professionals.

We always recommend patients become very well informed and educated when making decisions about their health and dental care either at home and especially abroad.  If you’re interested in learning more about international accreditation, we’ve provided these important links to the following accrediting bodies.