J. Sida

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I want to thank you for wonderful restoration of my teeth that has allowed me to “Learn to Smile Again”. I am a former law enforcement officer and so when I first heard of having my dental work done in a foreign country.

I was a bit skeptical at first. After doing some research about the procedure and your dental practice, I was satisfied that I would be in good hands. To say that I was in good hands is an understatement; I was not prepared for the level of modern, sanitary facilities and extensive use of technology at your dental practice. The added bonus for my wife and I was that we were able to tour some of the most beautiful places on earth in the Costa Rica National Parks, rain forests, incredible beaches and Costa Rican culture. I found Costa Rica to be a vibrant county that is definitely making great strides in emerging into a modern world. Best of all we found the Costa Rican people to be warm, friendly and eager to make us feel right at home. When I said that I had to “Learn to Smile Again,” I need to tell you that I have always been self- conscious about the condition of my teeth that inhibited me from an easy smile that is possessed by others. I am generally a very happy person with a positive attitude toward life, yet I have long held back that expression of my inner sense of happiness due to my being self-conscious of the condition of my teeth. Wow, how things have changed! Thanks to you and your team of competent dental professionals, I now sport a natural looking (and I might add beautiful) smile. I am pleased to report that I now have the kind of smile that I have wanted all of my life thanks to your exceptional dental skills and artistry. When my procedure was completed you showed me my new look in the mirror I remember telling you that I would have to learn to smile after being so inhibited all of my life. I have good news, it didn’t take long to learn and now I’m smiling. Man am I smiling!
Again thanks for your wonderful care and we are looking forward to our next visit to Costa Rica!

J. Sida