Medical Travel Consultants and their differences

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Costa Rican Dental Solutions does not increase or “pad” the price of your dental treatment. We want to continue providing the best dentistry and producing the most satisfied patients for a very long time.  It’s in your best interest and ours to only represent those dental providers that are safe, first class and meet and exceed US standards.

If you are serious about seeking dental care outside your country, you have a wide array of choices in the way in which you discover and engage safe, superior dentists who meet your highest expectations of quality and price.  

In your search you may come across the terms medical or dental facilitator, medical travel agent, global healthcare consultant, etc.  These are individuals or companies that assist you in the process of finding a qualified medical or dental care provider to meet whatever your specific needs might be. They usually represent a network of doctors and dentists and act as a liaison or intermediary between you and your foreign healthcare provider.

They will coordinate your procedure with the overseas dentist or doctor and may also handle any travel and tourist needs.  They should not be advising you on your medical or dental treatment.  This should only directly be done between you and a reputable and qualified doctor or dentist who will be treating you. 

As in any profession and especially in the industry of health travel, there can be a large gap between quality medical/dental facilitators and those who seek only to make money from you without care for your safety and satisfaction. 

Many facilitators simply put up a website and make quick contact with dentists from anywhere in the world.  They have little or no knowledge of dental care in the countries they represent and have never personally met or inspected the dentists and clinics they are “facilitating” for. 

Furthermore, they’re often based outside the provider country, which potentially means less direct contact with their doctors and dentists and less ability to handle any special needs the patient might have while they receive treatment in the country.

Costa Rica Dental Solutions prides itself on providing our services directly out of Costa Rica with a singular focus on dental care. We've taken the extensive time necessary to carefully review the dental industry in Costa Rica.  We’ve had meetings with the Costa Rica Dental Board (Colegio Cirujanos Dentistas de Costa Rica) and other governmental and private agencies as well as engaging an intense prescreening process to identify the top dental providers in the country.  We extended a similar selection process with regard to hotel, travel and tour options for travelers while they visit the country.

Compensation: : Medical and dental travel consultants or facilitators can be compensated in different ways.  Some charge an up front fee for their services and/or increase or “pad” the dental procedure and pocket the difference. 

In addition, they most likely will take a pre-negotiated commission from the treatment performed by the doctor or dentist.  In our opinion, most quality and ethical facilitators  won’t  “pad” or increase procedure fees. They may receive a minimal fee for their services and/or receive compensation from the dental provider in the form of a percentage from a non-inflated procedure price.  This means little to no additional cost to the patient. 

Many patients understandably feel they can’t trust an individual or company who would be receiving compensation for a recommendation.  They view this as a potential “conflict of interest.” This is good and cautious thinking. Do your homework and call us or any other organization that you may trust your care to and present all your questions and concerns.  There are indeed organizations that don’t have your best interests at heart and you should be very careful how you select anyone who is assisting or providing health or dental care. 

However, there are very reputable companies like Costa Rican Dental Solutions who provide an invaluable service for those who seek to benefit from all the advantages medical and dental tourism have to offer without sacrificing safety and quality care.  By representing certified, internationally accredited and proven dental providers who have undergone rigorous in person evaluations regarding patient safety and satisfaction, these companies save patients considerable time and resources required to adequately identify quality dentists. 

Furthermore, they provide peace of mind for patients who take comfort knowing they’re in expert hands and not alone in a foreign country.   Costa Rican Dental Solutions is very serious about ethics and has spent so much time and effort subjecting its dentists and other providers to intense examination, we actually wouldn’t suggest individuals take on the process of choosing a dentist without us.  For our dedication in identifying superior dental specialists who consistently provide the highest form of dentistry and patient satisfaction, in addition to our mission of empowering patients with honest, educational information, we earn a percentage for our services from successful procedures conducted by our dental providers, with no added cost to the patient. 

It’s in our best interest that Costa Rican Dental Solutions meet the highest of patient expectations and successful outcomes in order to be a trusted, successful and long-term company.  We’re selective in our choices and your smile of satisfaction is our first priority.