Nancy S. Herndon, Virginia

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Costa Rican Dental Solutions offered us a flawless experience with Costa Rican Dentistry. I spent many hours online trying to find dentists/dental specialists for my husband when I discovered this company, the type known as facilitator. There are many out there, but this one spent much time and effort to vet dentists and their credentials and certifications.

Costa Rican Dental Solutions has an ongoing quality program to assure credentials and certifications are current.  Our dental experience was far beyond any we have ever had in the U.S. 

From my first phone call to the final follow up, we felt supported all along the way.  We experienced well educated/certified/vetted dentists in a practice which was technically equipped in a manner only 15% of American dentist offices offer.  In fact, many of the dentists are dental school professors.  All support staff were English speakers, kind and capable.

Take time on the website for the vast information available thanks to the impressive amount of work and time Costa Rican Dental Solutions spent in validating all aspects of dental practice, which continues today as an ongoing program for quality care.  Do check  out the website as it offers more information than you would ever be abe to find in one place.  It answers questions you did not know you had.

Why I chose Costa Rican Dental Solutions:

Ken Kaldenbach, owner of this company 

- deals one on one with you from your first inquiry. Never pushing to "seal the deal", but answers all questions thoroughly.  If you decide you want him to facilitate your dental experience he

- chooses the dentist(s) based on your needs, sending you information on the dentist who best fits those needs, arranges a phone call or Skype video call so you may talk with the dentist directly.  Once you are comfortable with the chosen dentist, and a date is set, Ken

- can arrange hotel accommodations if you wish, as well as private transportation to all clinic visits and back to the airport for your return flight.

Ken and a private driver met us at the airport.  Ken also introduced us to the hotel, and was present at the clinic the first and last day, and contacted us via email or phone to check on my husband, remind us of appointments/pick ups.  Also arranged a tour at our request, midweek.

We highly recommend Costa Rican Dental Solutions, in fact already have.