Our dentists

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We believe in providing the very best dental professionals to meet your specific needs.  Other dental clinics and medical travel consultants may treat your needs with a “one dentist fits all” approach.   By focusing solely on dental in Costa Rica, we have taken extra care to ensure the best Costa Rica dentists and specialists are available to you in all areas including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, endodontics, prosthodontics, periodontics as well as oral and maxillofacial surgery. 

All Costa Rican Dental Solutions' dentists must meet and undergo the following requirements:

1.  All dentists are nationally certified and their primary professional and educational credentials (Costa Rican and U.S.) are independently verified.

2.  All dental clinics are internationally accredited and/or follow ADA (American Dental Association) or CDC (Center for Disease Control) standards.

3.  All primary dentists and patient care workers speak English and have had U.S. training (see our patient education area for differences between U.S. and CR dentists by clicking here).

4.  All dentists are personally met and evaluated by one of Costa Rican Dental Solutions’ representatives and the office and treatment rooms are inspected to ensure patient safety and comfort.

5.  An extensive in person interview and evaluation is conducted with the dentist regarding patient care, treatments, materials used by the dentist etc.

6.  All dental providers have signed contracts with Costa Rican Dental Solutions to ensure they consistently maintain our high standards of patient care as well as to notify us of any substantive changes regarding patient and clinic operations.

7. We do not inflate the price of your dental treatment and procedures to utilize our services.  Based on our relationships, your treatment is the same price or lower than if you or a local patient were to  go directly to the dentist. Click here to learn about differences between medical/dental travel consultants and facilitators.

8. Based out of Costa Rica, we not only visit our dentists regularly to ensure high standards, but we also regularly consult with the Colegio de Dentistas Cirujanos de Costa Rica (government body that oversees and regulates dentists) as well as other respected agencies and associations to ensure our dentists remain in good standing.

Selecting a dentist is a very important and serious decision, especially when identifying safe, quality dentists outside your country.  Costa Rican Dental Solutions understands this and has carefully prescreened and evaluated dental providers that provide the highest level of dentistry that exists in Costa Rica.