P. Ratta, Boston MA

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I started out with my local dentist for a very difficult and lengthy process of a full upper implants - 6 implants and crowns which cost me $23,000. Although they finally worked out well, I knew when I contemplated doing it for the 5 bottom implants I needed an expert and something that I could afford.

I started looking for options and discovered the Costa Rican Dental Solutions site and began my journey.  Ken was my guide and advisor along the way and he helped me to organize my treatment and travel.   I had included transport from Hotel to treatment and back and round trip airport transportation. I was very happy to find that my chosen dentist and his whole staff spoke English very well and were extremely kind and efficient.  I am a nurse and have done lots of OR work so I know good sterile technique when I see it and these folks know what they are doing and it was very obvious that they were truly experts at this. 

My Surgery day went well and the anesthesia was effective. I had difficulty the first post-op day because of my response to the meds.  The antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and pain meds made me quite nauseous BUT I did as I was told and iced myself and kept my stomach busy with yogurt drinks. I was moving around locally the second day, and on the third day took an all day bus tour.  I was a bit uncomfortable but I knew I was feeling better.  During my recovery phase I had frequent calls from Ken and at no time did I feel that I was alone.  Did I mention that I did this trip SOLO?  On my last day I had a temporary denture placed over the implants.  Costa Rica is just gorgeous.       

My return a few months later was for the 5 crowns over implants.  The first day I had an impression done and returned on the last day for placement of the crowns.

For the first time in forever my mouth worked.  The bite was good and now 3 months out I feel like my mouth works without worrying about it.  My teeth look great and I can chew. Best of all, I can smile as much as I want to.  One of the best decisions I have made, The final cost was  $14.000 including 5 implants, 2 bone grafts,  air and hotel x2 .  Plus I had a wonderful vacation in a place that I may never have seen if it were not for Costa Rican Dental Solutions.   

My thanks go to my dental team and to my friend Ken.  My best advice don't wait -----just do it!