Paul Roud, MA

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After checking out other countries (e.g. Hungary and Thailand), and other consulting companies, I chose to use Costa Rican Dental Solutions. Throughout the process, they were trustworthy, offering terrific advice and directing us to the very best dental professionals in Costa Rica or for that matter, any country.

I first considered going to Costa Rica for dental work three years ago when I was told that I needed a couple of crowns.   I raised the idea with my dentist—a highly respected professional.  He was quick to reject the idea. He suggested that the training of the dentists outside the U.S. wasn’t comparable and that the materials, especially those of crowns would be inferior.  I was dissuaded and chose to do the work with him.

More recently, my dentist said that I needed an implant and three additional crowns.   As it turned out, my wife was having her own dental issues and she needed seven crowns and an implant. 

Though the anticipated cost (more than $18,000) was within our financial reach, I felt that in general dentists were charging rather exorbitant rates and I longed for an alternative.

I chose to do more research on the topic.

As a psychologist with an obsessive streak,   —especially when it comes to something as important as dental work to be done for myself or my wife, I thoroughly researched the topic of “Dental Tourism.”   In the States, whenever it came to some medical issue, for me or someone in my family, I always sought out the best.

After checking out other countries (e.g. Hungary and Thailand), and other consulting companies, I chose to use Costa Rican Dental Solutions. I did this because I wanted someone who could help me find the best dentistry and guide me through the process. The president and my main contact, Ken Kaldenbach is very smart, well informed, and it felt like he genuinely wanted to be helpful rather than simply acquire a new customer. My initial impressions proved to be entirely accurate.  Throughout the process, he was trustworthy, offering terrific advice and directing us to the very best dental professionals in Costa Rica or for that matter, any country. 

Another factor: There was very little to lose by signing on. The initial cost was small, it would be refunded if I changed my mind and most of it would come back to me in the form of credit toward the work to be done. 

Ken Kaldenbach offered important facts:  the training of their dentists was in no way inferior to the training that U.S. dentists receive.  In fact, many Costa Rican dentists are trained in the United States at our best dental schools. 

I also found it compelling to discover that the materials used for crowns and implants come from the exact same companies that manufacture crowns and implants for patients in the United States.  The manufacturers are simply pricing their products differently (much like the pharmaceuticals price their drugs) depending upon the economy of the country they are selling to. 

Once I sent in my deposit he gave me the name of the dentist who would be doing the work.  I checked out his credentials, and felt confident enough to proceed (at the time I wished there was more information- actually more reviews about him online).

I also felt that in the process, if everything didn’t feel 100% right for myself or my wife we would simply leave. 

Costa Rican Dental Solutions Ken K made all the travel arrangements other than the plane reservations. (He also suggested a tour which was terrific).  We were picked up at the airport, and the hotel he recommended for us, the Hotel Alta was quite beautiful.    (I later found out that the price he charged us was actually a third less than the going rate for the hotel).  

The next morning a taxi was waiting and we were brought to the dentist’s office.  I was relieved to realize that the office was located in Cima Hospital – a hospital with a fine reputation.  My most basic concerns were quickly dispelled.  The office was immaculate. 

The staff was very friendly and professional.  Everything was much more personal than at home. The dentist greeted us when we arrived. The initial evaluation made me aware that his equipment was actually higher tech than what was being used by my very sophisticated dentist at home.

I expressed all my trepidations and he responded without defensiveness or salesmanship. He offered to show me the laboratory where they made the crowns.  He explained that he liked to have it on site because as a perfectionist there was much more control – he could make sure everything was exactly right.

We came with the dental plans our dentists had recommended. I was surprised by his advice-- He felt that two of my crowns could wait, and that one of the crowns my dentist felt was necessary, he considered a non-issue (at least for the foreseeable future). The implant, as I knew, was recommended.

When I expressed my surprise, he said he thought it was probably due to a difference that he and my dentist had about “pockets”.  Thinking it was a dental term, I asked him to explain.  He suggested that perhaps my dentist didn’t feel that his pockets were sufficiently deep.

I chose to go ahead with the 2 crowns that weren’t imminently necessary anyway because I knew that within the next few years I probably would need them. 

The cost for my work and my wife’s was more than two thirds less than what I would have paid at home.  The entire cost would have been over $18,000.  I ended up paying approximately $6,000.

I also found that the pain was less than what I have experienced at home.  Not only was the work painless, the recovery time for myself was essentially zero.  Other than taking a couple of Advil, I needed no medication and felt fine—even after the implant.  My wife who had seven crowns/restorations and an implant had some swelling but her discomfort was also quite minimal.  

The work was also handled incredibly efficiently.  All of the essential work was done within three days. We traveled the countryside for another week returning to the dental office for a final check before leaving the country. 

I don’t know that one can ever say that dental work is enjoyable but this was as close as I could ever imagine. I actually look forward to returning in six months to complete the implant (i.e. the   implant supported crown).  The savings even from this  minimal procedure and work will more than pay for a very nice vacation for my wife and I.