Quality of Health and Dental care

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There are good reasons why so many patients travel for dental work in Costa Rica.  The World Health Organization has actually ranked the country's health care system higher than in the United States.   Along with a life expectancy on par with the States, it's no wonder Costa Rica is one of the top nations for patients seeking medical and dental care outside North America.

Costa Rica boasts superior medical and dental care utilizing the latest technology by highly trained doctors and dentists, most of whom have received U.S training. The country is proud to have two internationally accredited hospitals, Clinica Biblica and CIMA, both of which have been certified by JCI (Joint Commission International), a division of the same body that ensures U.S. and other international hospitals maintain high standards of care.  Many Costa Rican dental clinics have also achieved international accreditation through the organizations AAAHC or AAAASF.  Please Click here to access our patient education section to learn more about international accreditation.

Patients considering dentistry in Costa Rica do not need to worry about lower quality materials and lab work compared to treatment they receive in North America.  Most of the materials used are manufactured by the same multinational brands that sell the same products in the United States. A lesser known, but important fact is that many U.S. commercial dental labs outsource a large percentage of their business to Costa Rica because of its reputation for exceptional work at low cost.  This means that all kinds of dental work including many crowns, veneers and partial dentures used by doctors in the U.S. are actually manufactured in Costa Rica.  Why not experience the same high quality care at 50%-70% savings while possibly enjoying a small vacation?   

With it’s close proximity to the United States, patients have access to many convenient flights and can arrive in the country after only three to five and a half hours of flying from most cities in the U.S.   This is yet another prime factor for traveling for dental work in Costa Rica as opposed to other distant medical tourism destinations such as Thailand, India or South America.