Sherry, Tampa Florida

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After contact with Costa Rica Dental Solutions, I knew right from the beginning that my decision to have dental work in Costa Rica was going to be a wise decision.

After working in the travel industry for 28 years I consider perfect follow up absolutely imperative.  I expect the best in communication and I was beyond impressed with all services provided by Costa Rica Dental Solutions. 

Sadly, dental work in the USA has become so expensive that people often neglect dental care that is a required part of good health care.  I would have never considered working with any company who simply "sell" my name to a dentist.  Costa Rica Dental Solutions is able to take care of all details including hotels, transfers, and dental services right from beginning to end.

My husband was a bit more concerned with going out of the country for dental work.  Thank goodness, he does trust my decisions. After our April trip he is is now ready to travel back for a sinus lift, implants, and crown work.   

Frankly,   considering what we saved on our dental work it provided us with amazing travel opportunities in this beautiful destination. All our dental services were top notch and we could not of had a better experience.  We spent 5 days in San Jose and had two amazing week-ends out of the city.

Thanks so much for providing such a "perfect solution" when looking for quality dental care at affordable prices!!