Costa Rica dental reviews

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I started out with my local dentist for a very difficult and lengthy process of a full upper implants - 6 implants and crowns which cost me $23,000. Although they finally worked out well, I knew when I contemplated doing it for the 5 bottom implants I needed an expert and something that I could afford.
After checking out other countries (e.g. Hungary and Thailand), and other consulting companies, I chose to use Costa Rican Dental Solutions. Throughout the process, they were trustworthy, offering terrific advice and directing us to the very best dental professionals in Costa Rica or for that matter, any country.
After contact with Costa Rica Dental Solutions, I knew right from the beginning that my decision to have dental work in Costa Rica was going to be a wise decision.
Costa Rican Dental Solutions offered us a flawless experience with Costa Rican Dentistry. I spent many hours online trying to find dentists/dental specialists for my husband when I discovered this company, the type known as facilitator. There are many out there, but this one spent much time and effort to vet dentists and their credentials and certifications.
Just to let you know, I'm back in the States and have already recommended you to two possible clients. Very happy with my new smile.
I made the decision to use Costa Rican Dental Solutions when faced with an enormous estimate from American dentists for fixing my was $23,000. So I opted just to repair a few to start but was fearful of going overseas for dental work. With a week of vacation to burn, I decided to explore what it might cost in Costa Rica and had a
I want to thank you for wonderful restoration of my teeth that has allowed me to “Learn to Smile Again”. I am a former law enforcement officer and so when I first heard of having my dental work done in a foreign country.
I wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with the work you and the other Dr. have done. My lower teeth are beautiful, and my implant area continues to remain trouble-free. Incidentally, the color is, in fact, perfect.
My experience could not have been better. I was very happy with the substantial cost savings – about one third of what I would expect to pay in the U.S.
Truly I couldn’t have been more impressed with every aspect of our visit, my first to Costa Rica. Although I am not a dentist, I’m certain I’ve experienced enough to
recognize superior skill & expertise.
The Dr. and his staff practice the best dentistry one can imagine! I have always been self conscious about my smile but not any longer!! He completely reshaped my smile, it is like a dream come true.
We arrived at the very nice offices and were greeted by a lovely and very friendly staff, all speaking English, and happy to see us!
I cannot express to you enough my appreciation for your excellent work and that of your staff. You tirelessly dedicated yourself to giving me a great smile, and you had a large amount of work to do to make that happen in only five days.
Schedule changes prevented a bone graft (”sinus lift”) and dental implant by my dental surgeon in the USA. Because I was going to Costa Rica anyway, I looked for someone to perform the procedure there.
Well I'm back in the United States and wanted to thank you as well as all of your staff for a great experience.  Actually it exceeded my expectations in every way.