Why choose us?

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If you are planning to travel for dental work in Costa Rica, knowing you have the highest quality, verified and best dentists for your specific needs is of utmost importance to achieve oral health and a beautiful smile.  


Unlike many other services, our singular focus and expertise is dental care in Costa Rica. Our attention is never divided by additional medical treatments or locations scattered across the globe. We are the specialists in dentistry in Costa Rica and our goal is to be the most trusted and sought after source for people wishing to travel here for their dental care.

We want to ensure you receive superior, safe dental care from the best dentists in Costa Rica while enjoying considerable savings of 50%-70%. Costa Rican Dental Solutions has taken steps above and beyond other medical and dental travel consultants in order to only represent the most qualified dental professionals who meet and exceed U.S. standards.

Our verification process and dentist requirements are second to none.  All of our dental providers have undergone an extensive, rigorous in person pre-screening and evaluation process in addition to maintaining a high level of success and satisfaction with actual North American patients like you. 

As an American owned company, we understand your concerns regarding trusted care in a foreign country. We have spent years establishing a firm presence in Costa Rica before safely guiding patients to quality and affordable dentistry.  Additionally, we operate out of Costa Rica to consistently ensure the highest standards and personal care for our clients.

We also provide a wide range of accommodation options with special negotiated rates as well as a licensed tour division to handle any sightseeing plans you may desire.  Our licensed and insured transportation ensures you comfortably get to and from the airport as well as to your appointments.  We are here to guide you through a worry-free journey to improve your smile as well as enjoy this beautiful country.

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