Why not book directly with the dentist? Time / money / peace of mind

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Costa Rican Dental Solutions is very serious about ethics and has spent so much time and effort subjecting its dentists and other providers to intense examination, we actually wouldn’t suggest individuals take on the process of choosing a dentist without us.

We sometimes hear the question, “Why should I utilize a service like yours when I can do my own research and book directly with the dentist.”  Our answer is “go for it, but be careful!” In addition to our primary services, we believe in empowering patients to make the most informed and educated decision when choosing dental care in Costa Rica or elsewhere in the world.  It’s certainly possible for patients to use the internet to find dental providers, book hotels and enjoy tours of the country.  

However, you should realize the time, effort and cost involved in minimizing risks and maximizing success when attempting this process alone.   Many dental websites often “bend the truth” in order to attract foreign patients.  There are many unsuccessful/horror stories regarding patients who decided to handle everything on their own without assistance from a professional consultant, resulting in a loss of time, money and worst of all, poor quality dental work.  Unless you’ve heavily researched dentistry here, verified credentials, personally met with providers, patients, related government and private organizations, dental labs and related patient care workers, we highly recommend you use an honest, reputable company like Costa Rican Dental Solutions to ensure success with your dental procedure and a positive and memorable experience in Costa Rica.

We specialize and are truly dedicated to dentistry in Costa Rica with the goal of providing a worry free and happy experience for the patient from the moment they step off the plane to the moment they step back on and return home with a new smile. We have a high level of access to our dentists and can pick up the phone and call direct to their personal numbers to answer any questions or concerns you may have while you are receiving treatment

We’ve also  taken the time and resources needed to not only identify and represent superior dentists, but we’ve also used our presence here to build relationships with accommodation and travel providers that benefit our clients with special low prices not usually obtainable by the general public.

Our dental providers have also signed contracts with Costa Rican Dental Solutions agreeing to maintain our high standards and in turn, provide you with peace of mind and more time to enjoy your experience in Costa Rica.