The Trusted Way to Save 50%-70% on Quality Dental Care.

Discover safe, affordable treatment from the leading company of verified dentistry in Costa Rica.

Our Dentists:

  • Pre-screened, Nationally certified
  • English speaking, U.S. trained
  • Educational and professional credentials independently verified
  • Internationally accredited clinics
  • Succesfully treated over 4,400 U.S. and Canadian patients

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  • American owned and operated
  • Based in Costa Rica
  • Quality accomodations for all budgets
  • Licensed and insured private transportation
  • Licensed tour options
  • Full personalized service

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Relax while you save.

  • 67 years providing superior dentistry
  • 50%-70% savings
  • 4,400 (and counting) happy U.S. patients
  • All connected by one company

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Restore Improve Enhance


Restore Improve Enhance

Verified superior dentistry in Costa Rica.

“There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all.”


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Costa Rica Dental Care: Verified and Accredited

As an American owned company, we understand your potential concerns about traveling for health care. Costa Rican Dental Solutions was created as an honest, ethical and transparent company dedicated to providing access to dental care that meets and exceeds North American standards, while saving patients 50-70%. We are a full service company providing patients with transportation, choice of accommodations with special rates, and licensed tour options. We also educate and empower individuals who wish to learn more about traveling for dental care.

Medical Tourism Association

With a dedication to honesty, ethics and transparency, we provide access to the most qualified, certified, accredited and prescreened dentists. We also provide complete personalized services including accommodations, private transportation and optional tours. Learn why we’re different and why patients place their trust in our services.

We create a simple, worry free experience for your dental journey. Learn step by step how easily you can discover the most qualified and reliable dentistry and how we personally assist you throughout your experience in Costa Rica.

Due to rising healthcare costs and poor or non-existent insurance coverage, hundreds of thousands of people are discovering safe, superior health and dental care by traveling outside North America. Learn how you can be part of this growing trend and save 50%-70% without sacrificing quality.

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Our dentists are members of one or more of the following trusted organizations


All clinics are internationally accredited by U.S. based organizations